Bronx native Mathew Silvera, aka MattViolinist, utilized music as an escape from all the negativity that was prevalent in his community, giving him a sense of pride and accomplishment when he struggled academically.

Mathew studied music at an early age in school and later went on to further his music education with a full scholarship to William Paterson University. His work as MattViolinist has established him as a staple artist at various universities, clubs, political events, and more.

Mathew received accolades after becoming a three-time first place winner at the Apollo Theater, following a halftime performance at Madison Square Garden for the New York Knicks. Matt's performance as the featured artist in the American and Russian tour of The Hip Hop Nutcracker with Kurtis Blow and the off-Broadway production of Death Boogie, afforded him various opportunities in the newspaper, in radio, and in television, expanding his artistic range to a featured principle in campaigns including Mastercard commercials and an #Not62 campaign.  

For Matt, the experience of playing with bands has afforded him opportunities to perform and record with some well-established musicians and singers. He has even been featured and credited on The Voice contestant, Felicia Temple's, latest EP "The Balancing Act". MattViolinist recently broke barriers by incorporating an unconventional orchestral instrumental with the sweet sounds of Soca music. Matt was invited to perform his Soca set during Miami Carnival and through his success in pushing the envelope, Matt shared a stage with legendary Soca artist Alison Hinds, while cruising the Caribbean on Soca On The Seas. As he takes advantage of each opportunity presented to him, he knows that the skill and passion he has for the violin provides him with the ability to touch the lives of others through recording and live performances.

MattViolinist continues to grow as a brand, while Mathew continues to grow as a reputable violinist from performances to social media, with his tour in view.

With the evolution of the music business, Mattviolinist continues to live by the motto that music is a powerful tool that brings people from various cultures and walks of life together. His goal is to enlighten, empower and influence by creating unity through music.